What is Kawaii ?? What does it mean??

Kawaii seems to be very simple word but it meaning is very deep. Actually an english word cute is a substitute for kawaii.But you can say kawaii is more than just cute. It covers anything which is related to love, shyness, possessiveness. and fancy goods for marketing. It is like compliment for girls.

 There are many people that were turned off. When they found out about the term “Kawaii”. When they first heard it. The word was actually coined by a marketing consultant in Japan. They found that it was very popular with people who were more interested in cute girls than the opposite.

In other words, the term it is not only popular with girls. But it is also used to make fun of other forms of art and clothing. Most of the time. When someone uses the term kawaii. It is an expression of how a person feels for another person.

Origin of the word Kawaii

The word come from 11 century novel name. The tale of Genji from lady Murasaki under the belief system of neo-Confucianism. Ladies came to be incorporated under the term kawaii as the impression of ladies being carnal was supplanted with the origination of ladies as docile.

Kawaii means cute or not ?

People get confuse with it. Basically Japanese relate it with Cuteness, adorable and lovable. Japanese culture is it which means cuteness has become Japanese culture.

Things being what they are, what is kawaii and why here and why now? As the Japanese word for adorable, It has meanings of timidity, humiliation, defenselessness, darlingness and adorableness. Think infants and little feathery animals. Much of the time.

It is a signifier for honesty, youth, appeal, receptiveness and instinctive nature. While its darker angles have driven. It to be somewhat fiercely applied to feebleness and even physical debilitation as a marker of cuteness. Kawaii desu is the word related to teddy bear,when someone gives you teddy bear you say “Kawaii desu ne” which means “Its cute, isn’t it.

kawaii Expression

It is sometimes used as a way to show the likes and dislikes of the person. You are talking to. It is as simple as saying “I like cute things”I dislike long hair”. As you can see, this is similar to another type of expression known as sarcasm. With the basic understanding of what kawaii is, there are still a lot of ways that people can use the term and express themselves in a different way.

If you are trying to find a new way to express yourself. Then you may want to take a look at the use of the term. This is because there are ways. That this expression. Can be used to help a person reach their goals. You can see that this expression can help you express yourself in a better way and this can benefit you in many ways.

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It is all up to you what you will be using the term to do. No matter what you decide to do, you should always keep in mind that you will have more success with the expression if you will try to express yourself through this expression rather than just going straight for sarcastic remarks.

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