What is Consumer Rights,Consumer Awareness??

What is Consumer Rights,Consumer Awareness?? There are many ways for businesses to help consumers in their overall Consumer Rights,Consumer Awareness. It is the responsibility of business owners to realize the importance of consumer awareness and their rights and therefore to improve their awareness.

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This can be done by making customers feel more at home with their products, by training customers on how to take care of their products, by providing employees with training in customer service, by understanding the needs of their customers and by promoting training and development programs.

By improving the consumer awareness and by increasing it, businesses will have a greater chance of success in the business environment.

Giving Knowledge to consumer to help know them their legal duties and right related to their product, so that consumer did not get exploited by the profit making companies.It is all done so that consumer did not get exploited by the big organisation.

Consumer awareness and consumer rights is very important today. It is a duty of the seller to sell best service to the consumer and it is the duty of the consumer to see that he is not make fool of himself by attractive media houses.

Responsibilities of Consumers Rights

When any service or product is sell to consumer. It is the responsibility of the consumer as well as seller that they purchase and sell the best Product or service. Buyer agree to pay little more but the service or product should be the best. Buyer or consumer should know their rights related to the product.Some consumer rights are

1. Right to choose : Consumer rights is to choose from the wide range of the product according to his/her need and requirement.

2.Right to safety: Consumer rights is to safeguard from marketing of goods which are dangerous to life and property.

3.Right to information: Consumer rights is to get information about the service and product they purchase.

Like rights of the consumer there are responsibility also which go side by side. It is the responsibility of the consumer to seek redressal from the mal practice of the certain firm or profit making organisation. Who fools the consumer.Consumer should know their rights and responsibility under Consumer Protection Act.

  1. It is responsibility of consumer to know their rights under consumer Protection Act.
  2. They should know about the product they buy from the seller.
  3. It is responsibility of consumer to check the Authenticity of the product i.e. the quality of the product.
  4. It is the responsibility of consumer to ask the seller for proper bill.

Consumer Protection Act

In order to protect the consumer from the unlawful activities of various business houses . consumer Protection Act has been passed on 15th April 1986.

In India Consumer Protection Council has been established to help consumer know their right and help them.Consumer Protection council has set up both at Central level and at state level.

 Federal Trade commission (FTC)

FTC’s bureau of consumer Protection do the same thing as consumer protection Act. It saveguard the unfair and unlawful practising of profit making organisation.It collects complain and take action against it.

Consumer is God of business

Businesses need to gain the trust of their new customers. In order to gain this trust. It is important that businesses are able to produce something that consumers like to use and to deliver this product in a timely manner. Consumers also look for companies with good reputations. They are willing to pay a little more for these services. Because they know that if a company is not as efficient as others, they will receive another opportunity. In the marketplace, the consumer pays the price.

Therefore, the good reputation of a business is essential to its success. Consumers do not like to waste their money, especially when this comes to good quality products. They are willing to pay a little more for these items. So consumer should not be cheated. Consumer are the soul of the business to whom the goods are to be sold. Sellers are the provider of the service or goods for money. Both stands for each other and should know their responsibility and rights against the economy.


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