Trending stylish kurti designs for women

In modern languages, the short kurta is called kurti, women’s clothing. Traditionally, however, the term kurti means coats, jackets and blouses worn at the waist without side slits and may have evolved from the Shung era tunics (2nd century BC). Kurtis differs from Choli and the latter by leaving the middle part open.

This is a unique pattern of Indian clothing, especially in the northern regions. The trends and origins of this style of clothing. Originate in northern India and continue to this day. Throughout the country. Although Kurtis are being modernized, it is mainly worn by northern women, while saris are preferred in the south.

Types of kurti

☆Kaftan Kurtis
☆Angrakha Kurtis
☆Anarkali Kurtis
☆Chic Denim Kurtis
☆Tail Cut Kurtis
☆Double layer kurtis
☆Jacket style kurtis
☆Asymmetrical Kurtis
☆Punjabi kurtis

Explanations of these amazing types of kurtis


1.Angrakha Kurtis

Angraha Kurti was originally worn by men in Rajasthan and has more recently entered women’s clothing. When Angrakha kurti has traditional block print design it looks best, unlike other kurti designs. These Angrakha Kurtis suits best on those who have a very thin type of body.

2.Kaftan Kurtis

The Kurti caftan originated in the Middle East. This jacket has a loose end, a tight hip belt and wide sleeves.These kaftan kurtis can be short and also long depends upon you. As a rule, plain kaftan jackets are popular. These Kurtis is often referred to as poncho kurtis. Due to its similar shape. These Kurtis design is good for gorgeous beauty that is slightly fluffy.

3. Chic Denim Kurtis

Denim Kurtis are more commonly known as shirt kurti. Denim kurti have something in common. Because they are inspired by denim shirts. These denim Kurtis look great even at work or on a normal day at the mall. This shirt model is usually medium in size, therefore it is suitable for those who are thin and in good shape. When making a denim jacket. People tend to get confused. When combining this skirt with plain trousers. Contrary to the denim on denim trend, this is not the best look. Always pair a denim Kurtis with a plain bottom – white, beige or cream.

4. Anarkali Kurtis

This Anarkali kurti has a amazing place in Bollywood history. I have seen celebrities like Rekha from the 1970s and racing models like 2018. This kurti design is very versatile. It can also be worn to daring Indian weddings and casual dinners with friends. In fact, these down Kurtis can also be worn as a dress. These Kurtis will suit any body type, so feel free to replenish your wardrobe with an anarkali style jacket.   PicsArt

5. Tail Cut Kurti

Kurtis tail is a great way to improve your Kurtis. These Kurtis has a shorter front and a longer back. Long and short proportions may vary depending on selection and design. Strangers are better. This type of Kurtis is suitable for casual and semi-formal occasions because it adds a little fun to the overall look. For an hourglass shape, a mole with a cropped tail is ideal to accentuate the curves.

6.Double layer Kurtis

The double layer cutty is the same as the rest. One small change, that is, an additional layer. This extra layer can be under the hem or a new layer over the Kurtis. The appearance and aesthetics of Kurti’s second layer depend on Kurti’s style and cut. This stylish has gained a lot of popularity in 2018, attracting the attention of a wide variety of celebrities and fashion designers.

7.Jacket style kurti

Surely of all the jackets available, the one in stock should be the best way to put on your clothes! The best thing about this. You can style this as India style, western style as well as indian western style. With this jacket style kurti we can style it with crop tops, jeans, lehengas, jeggings, palazzo as well as with churidars. This kurta suits on those girls who have pear shaped body.

8.Asymmetrical Kurti

This kurti is without gaps. This type of kurti can be used as many types of events and in different different occasions. Its depend upon you that how you style your kurti. Asymmetric kurti go well with hurricane, jeans and denim style.

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