Traditional Phulkari embroidery of Punjab

Phulkari means floral.Refer to the folk embroidery Phulkari is very famous because of its geometrical shapes as well as floral design. It is mostly related with sikh heritage. But it also represents hindus as well. Punjabi women are expert in these designs. It is a traditional design.

History related to Phulkari Embroidery

In the past in Punjab mothers and grandmother start embroidering as soon as girl is born so that they can give it as dowry at the time of her marriage. In the same way when baby boy is born her mother and grandmother start embroidery so that they can give it to the bride.

It is believe that traditional women can do embroidery without using any kind of stencils. It is further said that they clean their big courtyards and invites friends and family member. They together do Phulkari embroidery and sings lovely punjabi songs also.

Origin of Phulkari Embroidery

in ancient times when people from central Asia migrated to india. They bring their traditional embroidery techniques and pattern changes by the change in time. Earlier these designs are popular among Punjabis. But by the time changes. It is become popular.

It start gaining popularity in the fashion world. Now embroidery is also done on shoes, purse and even belts. Punjabi women are really great the techniques. They use the design are just hats off. Punjabi women are expert in this Phulkari.

Most popular Phulkari is like an embroidered shawl. Made with thick cotton fabric. Mainly known as Khadder made with very vibrant colours and design.

Punjabi women are master in creating these embroidered. Which is very popular these days. Especially those with hand made is more costly. In Punjab even small girls can do these Phulkari work easily. Very beautiful and attractive these design and their pattern just take you to the next level.

Phulkari changes with the change of time

These Phulkari works has undergone changes over the centuries. Fine Khaddar fabric is used for work red and its shades colour is considered to be the best for these embroidery.  Because red colour is very auspicious for sikhs and hindus of Punjab. Apart from that white colour has it important as widow women and elderly ladies used these colours for bagh.

Blue and black colour are less preferred.Everywhere in Punjab you can see Phulkari works. This Phulkari embroidery depict happiness. Animals and birds depicts success. Whereas fruits in embroidery depicts wealth and prosperity, no religious embroidery done. These embroidery are just awesome.

Increasing Demand Of Phulkari

Back in those days women are engrossed in their daily routine. Which include embroidery.They do it on regular basis. Which make them expert that represent their way of living. As we all say that time repeats itself again came back in trends. Phulkari work is in great demand. Especially hand woven shawl.

Geometrical pattern made it really cleverly work. It worker did not get much income so that they rely on it. In Punjab Phulkari is not only embroidery but it is a tradition for them.

In Punjab woman still embroidered in the same manner like that they were doing earlier. After they finished their household work. They get collected at one place and do embroidery. On big cotton cloth together. For Punjabi women it become one of the main source of income for them. Overall we can say that it represent happiness in the Punjab.

Types of Phulkari

Pachranga and satranga are types which means five colour or seven different colours. There are many other types also they are thirma, bawan bagh, darshan dwar, vari da bagh, kaudi bagh, suraj mukhi, meenakari, chope these are some of the types of it.

Nowadays several modern designer are start working on the new designs. It attire are manufacture in Amritsar on large scale which is also affordable. As because they use machine to make the Phulkari suits which reduce the cost of per product.

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