Traditional long churidar with a new stylish twist 

Churidar is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and comfortable Indian outfits for women. Since most of the new age women are pursuing their own careers in different sectors and remaining outdoors for a major portion of the day, they seriously need a practical outfit like the rampant use of Salwars or Churidars. Churidar is the ideal attire for the girls who need to move around for work or education purposes. Long churidar is very much in fashion now, and they are stylish yet comfortable. Even many girls are wearing gorgeous churidars for occasional purposes. 

What is a long churidar? 

The churidar is actually referred to as stylish free fit leggings or pajamas. They can be narrow fit at the base and wide at the upper side. The kameez or kurta is a long tunic type top. The long churidar is the long tunic top with pajamas or perfect fittings pants. They are basically a popular dress of Punjab that became the preferable dress option throughout India. The salwar can be thin, streaming, or wide as per the requirements of the users. In modern times, they are coming with different types of innovations as per the needs of the users. Long churidar is usually ankle length, or some prefer to have it knee length long. 

In time the designs of the churidars have taken a great turn. Their styles keep changing with time. Traditionally churidars were used to make up of soft cotton fabric only. 

Churidars are now the new face to give every woman a solace. Long churidar even started coming now in ready to wear forms. Modern churidars are revolutionary, and women also find them very much appealing. Modern long churidars are beautiful innovation of the traditional designs. These unique long churidars are very much versatile.

They suit well and easy to be worn by all the women of all sizes and shapes and ages. Even fabric wise, they evolved a great and apart from silk, and cotton also come in fabrics like organic cotton, Lycra, georgette, chanderi, Banaras silk, and many other types of fabrics. Modern long churidars also come in different embellished forms. They are very easy to slip on and intact in place. Overall in all aspects, modern churidars are best from old ones. Some girls are now wearing leggings with long churidar to give it a more stylish makeover. 

For long churidars, many girls prefer to wear short sleeves or sleeveless, and even halter necks styles are very much in now. But there is also the full sleeve kameez that many girls like to wear. 

Working women avoid taking dupattas with long churidars, especially those who need to travel to reach their work destination, whereas, for fashion touch, many girls are using the colorful, designer dupattas. 

There is also the long or full-length Anarkali long churidar. This is more like the styles of Islamic countries. They come with lots of flares. 

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Where to buy: 

You can buy long churidars online or offline. There are many stores that offer long churidars with different styles, materials, or designs. They sell designer churidars too. They are available in different prices from low range to high. 

You can also buy the pieces of churidars and make it with your tailor. The best part about the process is, you can custom design it. You can ask the tailor to make according to your given design. 

Stylish, designer long churidars are now very much available online. They are very affordable, and various online stores come with a great collection of long churidar

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