Traditional Lehenga choli and different types of Lehenga 

Lehenga choli are comprises of three parts –

LEHENGA-  A long skirt of Ankle length.

CHOLI – A short blouse With amazing embroideries with Low neckline fitting Body.

DUPATTA- Dupatta which Completes the Full look with Lehenga choli. It is a long piece of cloth which is worn Around the shoulder.

It is a three piece set. Which is pretty famous all over the INDIA as well as among International. Lehenga choli is usually worn on quite special occasions. Specially in wedding ceremonies.

It Was Famous In Between Indians after Mughals came India during 10th century. The Lehenga can be seen as stitching style with the amazing embroideries. Also with awesome different types of fabrics like silk, chanderi, brocade and many more.

Then, gently Lehenga has became quite Famous among Mughals era. And Now, Lehenga choli, has taken a special place in fashion. As we usually see Lehenga choli everywhere on our social media sites, such as INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, & mostly on PINTEREST.

Lehenga choli

Expansion of Lehenga choli

• THE Mughals domination – The combination which is now in this century we call it as kurta churidar. In Mughals era women usually wore a three piece set. Which is represented as Persian heritage. Which includes Peshwaj, Pajama, and, Patka.

•THE Rajput domination – Rajputs during this century. Their uniforms in a few way was same to the Mughals but Rajputs added a luminous white cloth attached to the Lehenga. This was called as “Patka”. This uniform of Rajputs was known as “Antriya”. Even though Rajputs added an style to the uniforms. It was Mughals who brought the Lehenga choli in the fashion.

Style in Lehenga choli

Lehenga choli

lehenga choli has different different types like –




Expansion below:-

☆LACHA- Lacha is a long flared skirt with beautiful embroidery. Worn with a matching blouse. These are made by different different fabrics like – Net, Georgette, Brocade, Chiffon etc.
☆ GHARARA- A Gharara is a traditional Lucknowi style. Gharara is made from over 12 meters of FABRICS (SILK & BROCADE).
☆Sharara- Sharara is a traditional dress. Worn by a Muslim, ladies and it was introduced during the Mughals rule.

There are many types of style, design, hues and pattern are there in Lehenga choli.
here are some style –


Some of these are Explained below

FISHTAIL LEHENGA – Mermaid Lehenga are tight at the knees and flare from the calves in the form of a FISHTAIL. These Lehengas are tighter at the hips and the waist and hence, must be worn with proper bodysuit.

JACKET STYLE LEHENGA- Recently, JACKET have madw an entry into Lehenga choli, and peoples are loving it!! The popularity of this unquie JACKET look with Lehenga has become so famous due to its classic appearance with pretty good level of comfort.

SHARARA CUT LEHENGA- This sharara cut Lehenga has a huge demand in FASHION INDUSTRY. Which is in simple as well as in a form of design style. There are great varieties of designs in Sharara cut Lehenga. It has an delicate Palazzo with a margin.

SAREE STYLE LEHENGA- It is Lehenga saree style. In this style of Lehenga. Its looks like a saree but it’s actually Lehenga. Anyhow, this is much better than saree because you can wear this style of Lehenga choli very comfortably without any difficulty.

PANELLED LEHENGA- Panelled Lehenga give slimming effects. Since, this type of Lehenga make a person look thin that’s the reason the are always in demand. Long choli with Lehenga hide the stomach. Also slimming effects go well with this Lehenga.

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