Punjabi Dress Models and Designs

Punjabi Dress Models ….Just think, if you have been asked to showcase a flavour of your tradition, what’s the best way to do that.


Yup the answer is pretty short, and it is by your dressing style. Same happens in real life if you go out in front of an unknown person then the person will judge you based on your dressing sense and style.

When something belongs to tradition, people always have the notion of trying something different with it. 

And that’s where the innovation part starts.

We are going to give you some mind-wobbling Punjabi dress models and their upfront link which you are going to be in love with,

and it’s good to have a bit of knowledge about where these designs and patterns came from, so let’s get it.

Different types of Punjabi Gown Designs


Using this suthan from the Punjab location additionally referred to as suthana in Punjabi can be actually a success of their early svasthana. Svasthana called a decrease garment that may certainly be a kind of pants.


Even the kurta using its own negative slits from the Punjabi kurta could be tracked into the 11th-century C.E. feminine kurta used in regions of north west India

Even the Multani kurta is crocheted together with layouts of Multan. Neighborhood Ajrak prints can be also utilized.

Even a Phulkari kurta is accepted employing the Phulkari antiques of this Punjab location.

The standard Punjabi kurta of this Punjab location is broad and also drops into your knees and also can be cut directly. The present day variant of the regional kurta could be the Muktsari kurta which hails from Muktsar from Punjab. This fashionable Punjabi kurta is well-known because of the slim-fitting cuts and bright athletic layouts.


In contemporary use, a quick kurta is popularly described since the kurti. But customarily, the Kurti describes upper garments that sit over the midsection minus unwanted slits, also are thought to have transitioned in the temptations of this Shunga span (2nd century B.C.).

From the Punjab location, the kurti can be a brief cotton coat. One other manner of Punjabi kurti can be that of a quick model of the anga (gown ). Even the kurti might be worn out by most males but females put it on alongside all the Punjabi ghagra or even suthan.

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The kameez is additionally vast. The mind scarf is still normally substantial,like the chador or even Phulkari which has been used across the northeast of the Punjab location.


Even the chola can be really a very long ensemble that’s somewhat like a dress. It’s worn by both men and women. Men and women certainly will hit on the knees,or collapse just under the knees. The standard chola is shut by both loops and also can be attached on each shoulder and also doesn’t possess side slits. Even the chola could be your conventional alternate to additional top clothing of this neighborhood location. The present day chola opens in front beneath. The throat and is shut with buttons and could have unwanted slits, and can be worn out as a kurta.

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Even the Bahawalpuri shalwar Hails from Your Bahawalpur area of Punjab, Pakistan. Even the Bahawalpur shalwar is incredibly broad and wavy by quite a few voluminous folds. The cloth traditionally utilised for its Bahawalpur shalwar and also suthan is popularly. Called Sufi, and it really is a blend of cotton. Sew blended with lace weft and golden threads operating the cloth. The different title for these sorts of woven fabric is Shuja Khani.

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There are tons of others, and the list never ends. All we know is we have listed the best dress designs and styles. Which match up with day to day needs and try to go to Fashion2day to get your desired style and feel free to tell us. Which topic we should cover next cause fulfilling your query is the best thing we can do.

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