How to Make the Most Out of a Lehenga Saree

Lehenga saree is usually made of several fabric. For instance, the fabric for the head band is the same as that for the body. However, there are some fabrics that are specially designed for making the Lehenga area and in those cases the fabric for the head band is different from the fabric for the body.

In the case of the head band, the fabric should be a bit thick and smooth. The chiffon fabric in a Lehenga area has a wide face in front and an open back on the back.

Chiffon fabric for Lehenga saree

Chiffon fabric is used in the Indian area for many reasons. This fabric is the best for embellishing Lehenga sarees since it is light and smooth, it can be easily stitched and it drapes well. A thin piece of chiffon fabric is folded and then put through the needle holes, the open edges are sewn, and then tied with a short string.

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The color of the fabric may vary from cream to khaki. The basic thread used in Lehenga sarees is jute or cotton. It is decorated with eyelets to add a touch of flair to the Lehenga saree. For embroidery threads, the looped chiffon fabric can be kept aside, the curved design is made, and then it is filled with embroidery thread. It is necessary to use the same color thread on both sides to ensure a nice finish. The woven designs on the Lehenga saree are done using embroidery threads.

These designs are done by inserting threads of the same color into one hand, and then drawing the pattern of a drawing with the other hand. One can also use a plastic bag to draw designs. After the drawing, the cloth is folded again, so that it forms a letter “J”. It is recommended to get the color scheme right before one goes ahead with the designs.

Women’s Pure Silk Semi-Stitched Lehenga Choli

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