A detailed information about the history and the evolution of “Churidar models”. This post will give you in depth knowledge and all that you need to know about the traditional attire “Churidar models“.



Churidar models refers to a refined version of an Indian attire “salwar kameez“. It is an arrow trousers. That slightly flats on the bottom and is usually worn by both the genders in Indian culture. It is designed to be little longer than the legs. The extra length of the cloth falls in two folds. That gives the illusion of bangles at the ankle. This is the reason that it is named as churidar Models. After the word chudi which literally means bangles in Hindi.

Men usually wear churidar with loose kurta while women pair it  with different clothing items such as kurta, kameez, tunic, loose tops and so on. Not only this it is quite popular among the masses of all the age groups especially the youth. It is highly flexible and people can perform various activities like exercising, dancing, yoga while wearing it.


Churidar models is easily available in the market however the price ranges from hundred to thousand depending on the material design and the quality. But is generally stretchable to provide extreme comfort. Convenience as it is worn by children to elderly. It can be purchased online as well where people can simply select from a divergent range of churidar and is just one click away.


In the 19th century, churidar models was only confined to India and some parts of Pakistan. But as people migrated to other nations, they took this culture along and churidar became common in western Nations as well. In the past times, churidar work only won in its original form i.e. the ones made out of cotton clothes and usually in white colour. However, as the time changed, churidar experienced numerous alterations with the passage of time.

Initially a huge range of colourful churidar came into the market that slowly led to its fusion with western culture. Today, it has come a long way and is accessible with a huge diversity of  different patterns. Now a wide cluster  of modified churidar is available. The youngsters preferred the new version more which involves mix and match with the western culture. From casual wear to designer wear with heavy embellishment, from simple cotton fabric to silk, brocade, georgette, nowadays it is available in almost all possible shades which was initially not possible. Not only this even ready made chudidar are easily accessible today in different sizes.

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Comfort level

Although churidar is tight fitted at the ankle. It is one of the most  comfortable attires due to its stretchability people can easily band set conveniently without any hassle. This is the reason that it is worn by even 6 month old children. It can be part of a simple casual outfit to a perfect office wear or a perfect dress on traditional occasions. It is an important part of sherwani. Which is the dress worn by Indian men on their wedding day. Therefore it is one of the most special clothing items. That is loved equally by both the genders.

However expensive churidar models that are made up of high quality fabrics. Along with delicate embellishments for embroidery should always be given for dry cleaning to maintain them properly. The daily wear silk churidar can be hand washed at home. Using good quality detergent and fabric softener.


Churidar suit almost people of all the age groups be it children for the elderly. Although it is mostly worn by women. But, it forms a crucial part of traditional men’s attire. It enhances the personality e and makes the person look a bit slimmer.

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