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Carters, Inc. It is the leading designer and marketer of American children’s clothing. It’s headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. Till 2017 carters has about 20,900 employees. Carter’s sells its products through Carters sells goods through Carters and Oshkosh B-Gosh stores and other retail outlets. Such as department stores. By 2019, Carters is expected to account for about a quarter of sales of newborn pajamas and baby clothes for the new baby born till the age of 2 years.


William Carters was the founder of William Carter in Needham, Massachusetts in 1865. William Carter (1830-1918) was born in Alpreton, Derbyshire, England. On January 28 1857 William carter was arrived in United states. In the early 1960s, William Carter owned seven factories in Massachusetts and the south of the country.

The company was sold in 1990 by the Carter’s family. In the early 2000s, Carter agreed to form a separate clothing line, Just One You, with Target Corporation for sale exclusively at Target stores. Then Carter created an exclusive line for retailers of Amazon and Walmart and also then all brands sell same garments. Like pajamas, bodysuit, and dresses. But each and every brands has their own design. Teams and varieties of vendors in specific price. In 2012, Carter’s, Inc.

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Braselton, Georgia, announced that it will receive a $ 50 million distribution center to support its e-commerce, retail and wholesale. By 2015, the company expects to create 1,000 jobs at this enterprise. In February 2017, Carter’s, Inc.

It acquires Skip Hop Inc., a New York-based company for newborns and children, for $ 140 million in cash and up to $ 10 million in future payments. 2017 targets. Fireman Capital Partners One private equity firm. Previously owned most of Skip Hop inc. Receiving. $ 50 million in November 2013.

Carter not only sells clothing through third-party retailers, he already operates 1,060 brands and outlets in 2019 and plans to open 100 additional stores in midsize malls over the next few years. One research agency reported: “90% of millennial parents and 80% of prosperous grandparents went shopping at Carter’s in the past year.


Carters, Inc. They sell clothes and other baby products under different brands. In addition to the Carter, OshKosh B’gosh and Skip Hop brands. This label is only available in select retail stores and will go on sale in 2018.

•In Target Corporation stores search as:

Just One You
Precious Firsts
Genuine Kids

•In Walmart search as:

Child of Mine

•In Amazon search as:

Simple Joys

The logos of each proprietary brand are marked “made by Carter’s”, with the exception of Genuine Kids, which are marked “by OshKosh”. Genuine Kids is owned by Carters, Inc. Previously sold since 2003. Acquired OshKosh.


In October 2012, Carter’s Inc. released the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Will most likely be renting Buckhead Phipps Tower for your headquarters. December 2012 Carter’s Inc. Headquarters relocation announced from Midtown Atlanta. The 20,692 square meter lease is one of the largest to date in the Buckhead, Atlanta area. The estimated rental cost excluding concessions and escalation is $ 70 million.

The Midtown area lease expires on December 31, 2013. The company will consolidate non-government activities at its new venture and Buckhead will add 200 jobs. Manulife Financial Corp owns Procenium and Phipps Towers. So Carter prematurely refuses to lease one building and move to another.

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