Biba : Online Indian clothing brand

Biba Apparel is an online Indian clothing brand started by Meena Bindra from her house in New Delhi, India in 1988. It has over 225 multi-brand stores and 150 branded outlets across India. The clothing lines available are salwar suits, sarees, lehengas, kurtis, tunics etc.

Biba in international fashion

It has also made a name in the international fashion scene. They have been the face of many major international brands and designers like Burberry, Gucci and Chanel. The online stores of Biba are well known and popular.

The website features a collection of brands and their products that are available in different sizes and colors. The online shopping is very easy and fast. The websites of Biba sell only original and designer clothing. There are no knock-offs or fakes of any kind. The websites are very user friendly and have great images that can be browsed.

The website also offers the possibility to make a comparison between the stores in the same category. The online stores also provide the facility of receiving free shipping of your selected product. You can also choose to pay with your credit card.

Biba’s catalog

Biba also offers a complete catalog which you can view and buy through the site. The websites contain different categories likeĀ  women’s wear, women’s accessories, sleepwear, jewelry, bags and handbags etc.

Biba also has an exclusive range of shoes and sandals. The sites also include a list of stores that can be visited through the Biba websites. Online shopping is very convenient and quick. You can find out everything that you want to know about the clothes of your choice and then place an order online.

Biba’s clothes in different colors, shapes and styles


Biba’s clothes are available in different colors, shapes and styles. They are also available in different sizes and they offer a huge range of clothing. The online stores of Biba also feature a complete catalog which has an image of the items that you are looking for.

You can also browse through the pictures and read the descriptions about the various products and then place an order through the website. The website of Biba is very customer friendly.


You can get all the answers to your questions through email. There is also a phone support on the website which you can call and get assistance with your query. The websites of Biba also feature the facility of sending free catalogs of the clothing that you wish to buy.

The catalogs also contain details of the shipping charges. It is always better to pay online because there are no hidden charges. The Biba online store is secure and safe. There are no credit cards or bank accounts that you need to open.

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Biba online store

The Biba online store is secure and safe. There are no credit cards or bank accounts that you need to open. You just need to fill the online form and you are done. The website of Biba has a complete list of stores that you can visit through the website to get your shopping done.

The store also contains a complete description about the stores. The Biba website is also very easy to navigate and very user friendly. If you are not familiar with the different features of the site then you need to do some research before buying any product through the website.

The store is also very fast. The products are delivered within 24 hours. The only disadvantage of Biba is that it offers a wide variety of products. They offer designer brands, but they are not affordable by the average buyer.

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