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Salwar suit is also spelled as salwar kameez. This is a long established dress. Worn by women. But usually in some other region. Men are also seen in shalwar kameez. Like in south Asia and also in central Asia salwar is a loose paint and a long shirt or tunic is a kameez. Which is open from side. Till waist line. Which is usually known as chaak.

After Muslims comes to north in the 13th century. Then these shalwar suits was launched in south Asia. When women wore these salwar kameez. They wear a scarf with it. Which is known as dupatta.

Salvar kameez less often salvar kameez is a lengthy established combined clothing. Worn by women and in some regions by men from south and central Asia. Salwar are trousers with a very wide waist but narrow under the cuffs.

Pants can be wide and baggy or very tight depending on your preference. Salwar is traditionally worn. Over large areas including eastern Europe western Asia, central Asia and south Asia.

Cameos is a lengthy shirt or tunic. The side seams are open below the waistline a hole. Known as the waist. Gives the user more freedom of movement. cameos are usually straight and flat older cameos have a traditional cut modern cameos have a more European look inspiration.

Different types of salwar suit

☆Anarkali salwar suit

☆Punjabi salwar suit

☆Palazzo salwar suit

☆Frock style salwar suit

☆Pant style salwar suit

☆Afghani style suit

☆Flared salwar suit

☆C-cut salwar suit

☆Cape style salwar suit

☆Pakistani style salwar suit

some of these are explained below ▪︎

Anarkali suit

These salwar costume is a form of women clothing that originated in the indian subcontinent. Anarkalis outfit consists of a long skirt top and a thin cut hem. Anarkali suits come in a variety of lengths and embroidery including floor-length Anarkali styles.

Palazzo suit

palazzo trousers British English: thumb pants Indian English: pantada are trousers for women with very wide baggy legs that protrude from the waist. it blends perfectly with a soft and lightweight fabric to breathe in hot weather. crepe silk t-shirts [1] and other textiles made from natural fibers are widely used in these fabrics. trousers are not common in winter but can be found in heavy synthetic fibers such as wool or delicates.

Pakistani style salwar suit

These clothing refers to the ethnic clothing commonly worn by Pakistanis and people of Its descent. Pakistani clothing represents, culture, demographics and the culture of the Punjab Sindh Baluchistan Heberpark Tunkwa Pashtun and Kashmir regions.

Religious clothing for women means a bandage that tries to cover all parts of the body except the face and hands when they leave the house. while most women outdoors cover all or part of their heads with a donkey or umbrella religious women wear a scarf veil or headscarf and prefer a long shirt with full sleeves or half sleeves. a religious man in a long tunic.

Punjabi suits

The Punjab region has a cotton industry. That developed rapidly in the 19th and early 20th centuries and various types of coarse cotton. Such as rungs kes tatahi chadder warp shirts curtains sushi temed duris towels dust etc to produce and Patka made by others. Made by Amritsar, Ludhiana, Jang Shahpur, Jalandhar, Delhi, Gurgaon, Rohtak, Karnal, Rewari, Panipat etc.

The culture of Punjab is rich and vibrant in their clothes. At various festivals local events and ceremonies in the Punjab. Different clothes are worn. In addition to various traditional costumes special types of ornaments are very common.

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