Beautiful Indian traditional Silk Saree

The Indian silk saree is known for its dazzling beauty. Its an traditional wear worn on every special occasions. Silk sarees are always been thing of attraction in India. Generally girls like to style in saree for every special function. It is a mark of tradition in India.

Traditionally, the saree is defined as a single piece of unstitched fabric. They are worn by Indian women nearly in all stages. Most basic moments of occasions is incomplete without sarees. Beautiful, bright, and silky, expansive fabrics of silk. Has a special place in everyone’s heart. As well as in minds.

Saree can be worn in many different styles

Silk saree need no introduction. It’s Generally combine with royalty and quality. Pure silk saree are nothing short of glorious and Indian silk saree has fame. Because of its amazing quality.

Importance of silk saree

Silk sarees are basic to the wardrobe of every woman. These sarees are always in high demand in india. As well as also in international markets as well. The amazing quality of silk used in these dresses are unequalled to others. That’s the reason why silk saress are so worthy. Also sarees can be cover over 100 ways. Generally, if uh Google how to wear saree. There will be many videos. Many of you know the only one style i.e the ‘Navi’ style. But the fact is there are 100 different ways. To style your saree.

Features of silk sarees

Here are some amazing features of silk sarees –

The high prices of these sarees makes them quite absolute for special events.

Fabrics of silk are present in different types like – Amru, brocade, pot – thanks, etc.

Famous these sarees varieties are – Banarasi silk, Assami silk, Mysore silk and Kanjivaram saree and many mores. Its name come from the place of its origin.

These sarees were being famous. During Mughals era. During which these clothes. Were royal favorites.

silk sarees

Nearly 97 percent of Indian silk sarees were made up of mulberry silk threads.

Some Most Popular Types Of Silk Sarees In India

Chanderi silk sarees

Banarasi silk sarees

Assam silk sarees

Banglori silk sarees

Matka silk sarees

Kanjivaram silk saree

Kota silk sarees

Korial silk sarees

Mysore silk sarees

Organza silk sarees

Patola silk sarees

Raw silk sarees

silk saree

5 Of them Are Explained Below

Chanderi saree – These sarees are made from three varieties of fabrics. Pure silk, silk cotton and from Chanderi cotton. Chanderi sarees are made in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.

Banarasi saree – These silk saree are made from different types of fabrics like – cotton, organza, tissue, silk, georgette, and from kota Masuria. Banarasi sarees are made in Varanasi. Also this city is an ancient city. Which is also known as Banarasi.

Matka sarees – These sarees are from the state of Karnataka & kashmir, but it’s spinning is done in west Bengal district in the Malda & Murshidabad. Because Matka sarees is made from the mulberry waste. Without removing its sericin. It has very rough texture.

Kanjivaram saree – Kanjivaram silk saree is also known as Kanjivaram saree. These sarees are made in Kanjivaram. That is why it is known by it name Kanjivaram saree. These sarees are made out of pure silk mulberry threads and Threads are used to woven. These sarees which comes from South India, and zari from Gujarat.

Patola saree – Patola sarees is a double ikat silk sarees. Made in Gujrat, Patan. Which is made from Silk and these sarees are very explained. Because of the fine fabrics and complex. Weaving style used in it. That’s why these sarees can be worn by those. Who belongs to royal families.

Some Best  Places To Buy Silk Saree In India

Varanasi / Banaras





Sambalpur (Orissa)


Mekhla – Saualkuchi, 35km from Guwahati.


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