Create waves with this tie and dye art of bandhani salwar kameez offering an appealing look

Bandhani or Bandhej is a process of tie-dye art having the base fabric tied by threads. At several points and the threads are dyed. There are different patterns in Bandhani Salwar kameez and they are based on the tying manner such as:

  • Leheriya
  • Ekdali or Shikari
  • Mothra

The emerging patterns are mostly stripes, dots, squares or waves. These are dark colors employed in Bandhani dyeing. Maybe from man-made or organic chemicals. These applied colors are mostly in green, red, black, blue or yellow and mostly the background is black or red.

Bandhani salwar kameez process

Getting a unique wave design or Leheriya Bandhani Salwar kameez means it includes the process of rolling the fabric. It also is kept tied at various spots and rolled diagonally. This rolled fabric is dyed in bright colors. On unfolding the fabric after dyeing. There are shapes or stripes seen across the fabric. The process of tie and dye creates colorful stripes in a myriad.

The Mothra is a design. That is done by re-rolling the unfolded first stage on the opposite side and the dyeing process is repeated as it is tied at the diagonal end. Thus, the un-dyed areas are owing to this rolling into the opposite side that it can be seen in a lentil size at regular intervals.

Variety and specialty

In Gujarat, the Khatri from the Kutch community excels in Bandhani. The Rajasthan have their Bandhani style. While Saurashtra in Gujarat. All these are different styles of Bandhani and are unique to each region. The colors and designs vary giving significance to particular colors. In the Bandhani salwar kameez suits, the Leheriya Bandhani style is popular for its unique wave designs. It has the tie and dye art brilliant design stirring waves on plain colored fabrics that it truly looks appealing. The Leheriya work reveals the brilliance of work done on cotton. Or silk fabrics and also on broad canvases.

Main advantage

Purchasing Bandhani salwar kameez as an unstitched suit. Gives you the advantage of getting it tailored to your taste. It means you can wear a well-fitting piece, suitable for your body type, and it should flatter a woman’s curves appealingly and modestly. Having an unstitched Bandhani material means you can stitch it at home. Or get it done from a tailor’s shop. However, ensure to drape the material to your figure perfectly.

Getting a pre-stitched material with the right fit is not easy. there will be a need to compromise with elegance or comfort. Having a Bandhani salwar kameez unstitched fabric. Gives you the choice to experiment with the style and cut to suit your taste. You can consider classic styles such as V or round neck. Or even try interesting varieties such as the square neck, cowl neck, collar neck, boat neck, halter neck, keyhole neck or deep neck.  The same goes for the sleeve lengths. Choose the fit and ensure the most flattering styles as a customized final outfit.

Buying choices

Bandhani salwar kameez is challenging as there is an exclusive and large collection. The fascinating choices of colors, beautiful designs, thread embroidery motifs, exquisite mirror works, etc, done on Bandhani work.  The salwar kameez of Bandhani style is suitable for social occasions, outings, and parties.

The biggest advantage of Bandhani salwar kameez is that it is cost-effective. These are luxurious fabrics available in fascinating varieties, allowing you to incorporate fashionable silhouettes and newest cuts. You can go for bold color combinations and enjoy a customized look.

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